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Due to the enormous variability from job to job, we cannot provide a single set of prices that will work for everyone. It is best to fill out one of our quote sheets or call/email, and provide us with the art or idea, in order to get a custom price quote. We are almost, always willing to negotiate and bargain, to make sure you get the best price possible, for the highest quality product and service we offer. 

Blank Apparel Catalogs - Need garment selection ideas? At Print Proz we are proud to supply our customers with quality merchandise from local and mainland apparel companies. Click below to view catalogs from local and mainland suppliers. We always get you the very best prices and value. We can also special order anything you may want that is not locally available with enough lead time.






Minimum Order/Reorder for Screen Printing is 10 Dozen per design, which may include mixed colors and sizes in short sleeve, long sleeve, tank tops, etc. as long as the design stays the same across all of the order. We do sometimes lower our minimum order to 6dozen when we are slow usually early in the year. 

Add-on setup fee (variable) for orders under our minimum: 1- 6 colors $75  for 7-12 colors $100


Minimum order for Embroidery is 12pc. Digitization fee depends on coplexity of design. Digitized files remain the property of Print Proz.

Print Proz offers many printing options and specializes in waterbase printing which is safe for the environment.


  • Water base prints feel just like the garment itself. Water base is both dry cleanable and safe to iron, most importantly, it breathes. This allows the wearer to be more comfortable especially with a large printed area on light garments.


  • We also offer high quality eco-friendly phthalate-free plastisol printing which is a good choice for bright colors on dark backgrounds.


  • We also offer specialty printing such as discharge printing on dark garments and oversized printing.

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