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The Screen Printing Process

Step  1 Design - It all starts with you! Send us a digital art file or send us an idea, and one of our graphic artists will bring your idea to life.

Step  2 Screens - After art approval, colors are then separated  and then sent to our screen production. Each color is designated it's own screen. Each screen is then prepped and burned with it's image to get ready for production.

Step 3 Printing - Each screen will be set into press. Ink is then transferred onto the fabric by a squeegee. With each layer of color going down , the final product will make your design.

Step 4 Ink Curing - After each layer of ink is on the shirt, the shirts will then go thru our dryer, for the inks to cure. Certain garments and inks takes special temperatures and dryer speeds.

Step 5 Quality Control - At the other end of the dryer, your shirts are then checked and boxed.

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