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Our signature service is our custom screen printing on apparel. We offer up to 12 color printing capabilities on our 14 color press. We can print using plastisol, waterbase, discharge waterbase and a multitude of other specialty inks. Besides t-shirts, we can also print on an array of specialty items including aprons, towels, canvas tote bags, polo shirts and performance sports apparel. 


We also offer embroidery services for a one stop shop for all your garment embellishment needs!


Note: We have a 10dozen (120pc) minimum order policy for any screen printing job or a setup fee will apply. 

We also have a 12pc minimum order for embroidery jobs. Inquire for more details...

Ink Selection: 


  • Plastisol - Most versatile, traditional and most commonly used, recommended for bright opaque colors on darks and lights. Least expensive option.  12 color max.


  • Water Base - Eco-friendly. Recommended for a breathable soft hand feel on light colored garments. No dark garments. Works the best on 100% cotton white shirts. 12 color max.


  • Discharge Base/Plastisol top - recommended for a softer hand feel on dark garments than straight plastisol. Colors can vary depending on color/brand of garment. Some restrictions like 100% cotton dischargeable garment required.  10 color max.


  • Discharge Dye Water Base - recommended for a breathable soft hand on darks. Sampling required. No bright or fluorescent colors. Colors vary depending on  color/brand of garment. Some Restrictions like 100% cotton dischargeable garment required.  6 color max.


Garment Selection


  • Low:  Lower cost, light weight, lower stitch count per square inch.   Examples: Hanes Heavyweight, Gildan Heavyweight 5000.


  • Medium:  Most common, better printability, more durable. Examples:    Hanes Tagless 5250, Alstyle 1301, Gildan Ultra cotton 2000, Fruit of the Loom HD Cotton 3930R. 


  • High:  Best style, fit and feel. Usually 100% ringspun cotton, blended 50/50 or tri-blend makeup. They have a lighter feel, usually fitted, soft and fashionable. Examples: Hanes Beefy-t 5180, Alstyle 5301, Sungirl/International, Bella, American Apparel, Next Level. 


  • Specialty Printing: Polo’s, aprons, towels, tote bags, mousture wicking polyester garments, sweats/fleece, cut peices of fabric before assembly. We can source almost anything you want with enough lead time. 


Feel free to visit our office to see our sample rack!


Pick-up, Delivery, Shipping:



  • Pick-up - We notify you as soon as your order is complete and ready for pickup.


  • Delivery - Generally we do not deliver but if you can't arrange pickup for some  reason, we can deliver locally for a small fee.


  • Shipping - We will ship/mail anywhere you wish using USPS, UPS, Fedex, Young Brothers, DHX at your expense along with a small handling fee. 

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